Speak English with Fluency & Confidence in just 60 Days!


Daily Conversations: Practice fearlessly every day.
Instant Feedback: Improve through timely guidance.
Personalised Approach: Tailored to your unique needs.

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How to speak English with Confidence in just 60 days?

At EngVictus, we make English a natural part of your daily life. In just 60 days, we help you feel confident speaking English for success in the international work environment. To speak confidently, you’ll need:

  1. A Goal
  2. An Effective Method (with 7 learning principles)
  3. A Qualified, Bilingual & Experienced Language Coach & Teacher
  4. Daily Practice
  5. Useful Resources.     

Tell us your GOAL and we will provide you the rest.

Learning With Us

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Spend your class time speaking and using the language. The flipped approach allows you to notice, analyse and evaluate the language in your own time and at your own pace.

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Learn real-world English through podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, audios, books, movies and series, etc. We design and create personalised course content to represent your reality, your dreams and your goals.

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Focus is on helping you achieve learning independency, so that you can carry on learning beyond the course.

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You are unique and so are our customised courses. You learn only what you need, prefer and find relevant.

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You and I learn best when we are enjoying the process of learning; hence, we take utmost care to create a friendly, relaxed and respectful learning environment.

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Learning is an active process. You are actively involved in making decisions about your learning; like co-designing curriculum, selecting content, leading group discussions, sharing ideas, etc.



For me, ‘EngVictus’ is the best place for learning English. There is a ‘great teacher’ who always pays attention and adapts learning principles to leaners. The teacher makes me comfortable, feel relaxed for talking, and willing to explains anythings when I confused. In addition, he has suggestions that’s alignment  for your level. Absolutely, I have progression more than before.

NitchK Por
Landscape Architect / Landscape Architect Design


Girish is very great, passionate and dedicated teacher. I love when he always customizes the course based on student’s goals & needs and keeps motivating students to improve their English skills. I really enjoyed the teaching style and new activities that he always adds to the courses. My writing and speaking skills have improved a lot since I enrolled the course. Even though my work schedule is very busy, EngVictus offers the flexibilities which help me practice English regularly. The most important thing is he always be there for his students when they need special or urgent practices for assignments/projects. 😉 I strongly recommend for anyone looking to learn English!

Patcharida Theparak
Affiliate Marketing Manger / Lazada, TH


That's wonderful journey learning with the greatest teacher. My language is improving by leaps and bounds within few months. I hope it will make easier for you to decide to study here 🙂

Global Business Solutions SMB APAC


First of all, I appreciate my teacher to always cheer up me to learn language that makes me not shy to speak English even if i make some mistakes, Girish will always correct the right thing. It makes me familiar with the language and grammar without having to open a textbook when i have to use it. 🙂



To be honest, learning English with Engvictus was one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made so far. Girish is very passionate about his work. He always made sure that I was on the right track to my goals and encouraged me to surpass my limits. Besides that, the classes were never boring which made me truly enjoy and felt comfortable speaking English. Moreover, when i made mistakes, he always looked for the deep causes and fixed them together. Last but not least! I wanna shout out to Girish, you are the best teacher! I can’t thank you enough 😃



"Since I study with EngVictus I'm not afraId to speak English with other people. EngVictus made me have a confident and dare to speak no matter it wrong or not because if I speak something wrong I will get the feedback and it made me improve myself to speak the right in next time."

Retoucher / Benedict Studio


"I used to shy to speak when I speak English but when I study with EngVictus I have more confidence than before.  I understand TOEIC test and how to thinking process when I do the test. And the last thing that I like is how the teacher try to understand me and find the way to study that is right for me."

Budget Controller / Boonrawd Trading Co. Ltd.


"I believe I made the right decision in choosing to study English with Girish," I must say. This English lesson taught me more than just the fundamentals of the language. Girish is constantly looking for new ways to educate, the best way to adapt to me, pay attention to what I am interested in, show me a different perspective on English and life, and give me the courage to face real-world situations."

Digital Marketing & PR Executive / Pendulum


"This English class is totally different from what I’ve learnt ! Girish gives us so much courage to speak English confidently. All of classes are so much fun and super useful. Every assignments help me improve my skills day by day as well. Consequently, I am now confident to communicate with foreigner."

Assistant Marketing Communications Manager / PP Group


"You're the best teacher I've ever met. Your teaching method is unique because you design content of the class for that specific person. It's made me to understand the content very easily."

Product Designer / LINE, TH

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Khun Bint

Khun Feen

Khun Fern

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain