Our Approach

Our Teaching Philosophy

Earl Stevick once famously wrote, *‘Success (in a language learning context) depends less on materials, techniques, and linguistic analyses, and more on what goes on inside and between people in the classroom.’  Well, we couldn’t agree more. Before any learning can take place, learners need to feel safe, secured and confident; hence the primary goal for all our courses is to boost learners’ confidence.  How do we do that?

  • actively listen to their concerns and stories
  • be humble and polite in our interaction
  • offer genuine appreciation
  • encourage learners to take active part in their learning process
  • help learners observe their own progress
  • use content they enjoy
  • connect them with other like-minded learners

Here’s how all our learners achieve fluency and confidence in English in just 60 days:

  • Personalised Learning: Our learners learn exactly what they need to reach their goal.
  • Real-life English: Our learners learn through YouTube videos, podcasts, social media posts, books and more.
  • Research-backed Activities: Our learners remember new vocabulary and grammar through highly effective activities used by best educators around the world.
  • Daily Conversations: Our learners talk in English every day and get feedback.
  • Enjoyable Learning: Our learners enjoy the process and have fun while learning! 


*Stevick, E., (1980) Teaching Languages. A Way and Ways. Newbury House, Rowley, Mass. 




(30-45 mins)

ZOOM sessions

  • practise grammar, vocabulary and skills in relevant situations
  • improve accuracy and confidence

(15-25 mins)

LINE calls

  • practise speaking one-to-one freestyle 
  • improve fluency and confidence

(30 mins)

GROUP discussions

  • practise sharing opinion on different topics with others 
  • improve fluency and confidence

(10-20 mins)

short TAKE-HOME tasks

  • practise, review and remember
  • improve self-learning skills